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Real students passing FE Exam every day

Testimony by Clay O. - Mechanical Engineering

I am very pleased with the program for both my college sons. Both my boys passed the exam the first time with the help of FE Exam Tutoring Services. 

Testimony by Jack G. - Civil Engineering

My professor told me about the FE Exam Tutoring Services, and I am thankful for the support. I passed my civil engineer exam, and I took it 4 times before.   


Testimony by Tom L. - Mechanical Engineering

The following is to give thanks for the time that was dedicated in teaching me. I really enjoyed the program and am seeing great improvement in my skills. I have no complaints in regards to the staff. It's a good program with good tutors. If I am grateful to have found this program in my path. Thank you for the great patience in tutoring.


Testimony by Juanita W. - Civil Engineering

James – Thank you for your help. I finally passed my exam. I was not sure if I wanted to spend so much money again on a course because I felt like I wasted my money on capstone learning course, Kaplan engineering program along with schoolofpe. I am glad the sales agent convinced me to sign up. Thanks. 

Testimony by Dolly M. - Other Discipline Engineering

“I love FE Exam Tutoring Services because it has patient teachers who help you and educate you. It’s the best place I have tried everything in the last five years to pass my FE exam!” 


Testimony by Jimmy P. - Mechanical Engineering

The online tutoring course is a great way to get the help you need to study for the exam. The hands on classroom interaction for the mechanical engineering exam has been very helpful for me when learning the material that I need to know for the exam. The course helps with the questions I was missing on the exam to get you prepared for them the next time you take it. 


Testimony by Casey B. - Mechanical Engineering

I passed my FE Exam. I am glad I found someone who can help me explain some of the concepts I forgot over the years. 


Testimony by Tony A. - Mechanical Engineering

My mother signed me up for this course. I tried all kinds of studying materials but could not pass. My score reduced each time I took it; however, I after the tutoring I passed. The course went into theory, which no other program did. Thanks James.   

Testimony by Kelly C. - Environmental Engineering


Overall this is a really nice program for the environmental exam! The tutors help you regain knowledge with the different skills they provide you with. I have been out of school for a few years, but with the help of my teachers; I'm feeling more confident about my test. If I don't understand something my tutor is willing to explain it, and also send practice assessments to go over. They go the extra mile to make sure you pass the first time. Just seeing the dedication is awesome! – Kate G. Thank you for helping me pass my FE exam. I got me a good job after getting a passing score. Thanks James   


Testimony by Cole S. - Mechanical Engineering

Yay. I passed my mechanical engineering fe exam. You guys did a very good job in helping me understand the concept and what was on the exam. I used many other sites and this was the most helpful.  


Testimony by Nora B. - Mechanical Engineering

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. You guys have good content that is on the exam. I was very confident going in and my test anxiety did not hurt me this time.  


Testimony by Langston G. - Civil Engineering

Your exam prep service is the best. I used a lot of sites and paid a lot of money and it seems like everyone else had random stuff from college; your material really helped out. Please give my contact to anyone who needs references.  


Testimony by Hannah G. - Other Discipline Engineering

Page, I appreciate all the time you put in helping me understand the chemistry section of my FE exam. I passed my exam and I know it was because of your help. Truly appreciate it.   

Testimony by Meghan H. - Electrical and Computer Engineering

I am very glad i did this program because it has helped me focus and study through the course of time and it is very organised and follows a weekly studying guide and program that facilitates your studying and allows you to grasp alot of information needed for the exam . My experience has been good as i have tried to study several times and would always get bored because it was so much and took me so long to do and with this course i have dedicated the time and have known exactly what to do every single week. I passed my electrical engineering exam and got a promotion at my engineering firm two months later   

Testimony by Oliver D. - Civil Engineering

My overall experience with this tutoring service was beneficial for me to help prepare myself for the civil engineering exam. The tutors work very close with you to make sure you know the materials. It is plenty work, but it also is worth it. The homework helps me stay focus. I thank the tutors for all their hard work and dedication, and especially the encouragements meant a lot to me. I passed my exam last week and this means a lot to me and my family.  

Testimony by Louisa Y. - Industrial Engineering

I have enjoyed learning with this program. Within the first couple of weeks I was able to learn more than I did in the other two tutors I had went to in different programs.  

Real Students Passing

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